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Pet Dentistry

Open 24 Hours A Day, Seven Days A Week
For Your Pet’s Health, Growth And Happiness


When it comes to pet health, our motto is: Open 24/7 for your pet's health, happiness and growth.

As a loving pet owner, you want the best medical care possible so that your pet lives a long, vibrant life. The best way to ensure this is to start him or her off on a path to lifelong health through preventive care.

Preventive services include:

Good Dental Care is Important to Your Pet's Overall Health

Just like with people, oral health in pets is connected to the health of the whole body. When dental care, like tooth brushing and dental exams, are not a part of a pet's regular care, many problems can occur. These can include pain, tooth loss, abscesses and even infections that can hurt the heart, kidneys and liver.

The great news is that pet dentistry and at-home dental care can keep your pet's teeth and gums in good condition.

Working with You to Keep Your Pet's Teeth Healthy

Veterinary dentistry is important because most pets—more than 85% of dogs and cats—have some form of dental disease. A significant step you can take in prevention is to bring your pet in for examinations and, when needed, professional cleanings.

Dental cleaning is generally recommended because it is the most effective way to remove tartar, plaque and bacteria once these culprits have developed. Cleanings also allow us to get a better idea of the problems happening below the gum line, which is where more serious problems occur, through the use of x-rays.

Pet dental care and dentistry at Horn Lake Animal Hospital include:

Signs that Your Pet May Have Dental Problems

If your pet has any of these symptoms, one of our veterinarians will be glad to take a look. By practicing good home dental care and maintaining yearly examinations, your pet's oral health will be something to smile about.

“On Sunday night our sweet kitty, Willow, wouldn’t put her back leg down. We rushed her to Horn Lake Animal Hospital where they immediately did an X-ray and we were told her femur was badly broken.
Willow spent two days there prior to surgery and 2 post surgery. She’s now home and recovering well. I will forever be grateful for the care shown to our sweet girl and the courtesy of the staff. Would definitely return in the future.”