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In-House Laboratory and Diagnostic Testing

Since our pets cannot tell us when they are sick or if something is wrong, one of the best ways to accurately assess or diagnose a concern is through lab testing.

The in-house lab at Horn Lake Animal Hospital features the most advanced equipment to get to the cause of any problem fast.

When a much-loved pet is sick, waiting for a few days or weeks for test results is not an ideal option. By using the most accurate diagnostic tests, we can get started on a treatment plan much more quickly and effectively—giving you peace of mind and your pet the best chance of recovery possible.

A Focus on Screening and Early Detection

Early disease diagnostic testing is one of the best means for early detection of diseases or other conditions, and can make the difference in how successful treatment will be. Depending on the age and current health of your pet, our veterinarians may recommend screening for different diseases and disorders as a way to ensure your pet stays at his or her healthiest throughout each stage of life.

Lab Results Within Minutes

Diagnostic testing is critical to understanding what's happening well beyond what can be assessed through a physical examination.

Some of the most common tests performed in our veterinary hospital lab include:

In both emergency veterinary care and general preventive care, diagnostic testing is one of the indispensable tools we have in treating pets.

For additional information on specific tests your pet may need, please call us.

“On Sunday night our sweet kitty, Willow, wouldn’t put her back leg down. We rushed her to Horn Lake Animal Hospital where they immediately did an X-ray and we were told her femur was badly broken.
Willow spent two days there prior to surgery and 2 post surgery. She’s now home and recovering well. I will forever be grateful for the care shown to our sweet girl and the courtesy of the staff. Would definitely return in the future.”