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Itchy Business: Treating Pet Skin Problems and Allergies

Although most pets enjoy a really good scratch every now and then, if your pet is itchier than usual there may be a problem—and the cause could be an allergy or another underlying condition.

Did you know that an estimated 10-20% of dogs and cats suffer from allergies? In fact, many skin problems in Mississippi are often a result of one or more of these types of allergies affecting pets:

Unlike our sniffles and sneezes around allergy season, when it comes to cats and dogs the symptoms are usually most noticeable on the skin, such as:

Other conditions that may cause skin problems to emerge are fungal infections, bacterial infections and parasites.

Thankfully, no matter what the source of the problem, we can diagnose and treat these uncomfortable conditions through changes to diet, medications, special shampoos, topicals, and other treatment options best suited for your furry friend.

Our team is ready to help get your pet's skin and coat in healthy, itch-free condition, so that the only scratching to occur will be from those good scratches behind the ears.

“On Sunday night our sweet kitty, Willow, wouldn’t put her back leg down. We rushed her to Horn Lake Animal Hospital where they immediately did an X-ray and we were told her femur was badly broken.
Willow spent two days there prior to surgery and 2 post surgery. She’s now home and recovering well. I will forever be grateful for the care shown to our sweet girl and the courtesy of the staff. Would definitely return in the future.”